Say Hello to our Startups!

B2RIDE Business Ridesharing offers a smart, cross-company carpooling solution (B2B) to companies, public authorities and event organizers in Germany and Austria to provide an attractive and cost-effective transport between home and work, for business trips and for travelling to events, especially in rural areas where the public transport offer is insufficient. We support our customers during the introduction and operation of the carpooling solution by acting like internal mobility managers and providing special services for vulnerable people e.g. with disabilities in wheelchairs or people in system-critical professions. Our goals are to reduce the costs of parking and mobility and to avoid emissions and traffic in Europe by increasing vehicle utilization.

Dreamwaves is an early stage startup developing an audio augmented reality navigation application to guide the users in the most natural and easy way – without even thinking. It is a perfect solution for blind and visually impaired people and we take special care to tailor the app for this group. We are a team of passionate people from very different backgrounds, who believe we can make a difference by helping blind and visually impaired have an easier and life.

We offer local pharmacies in cities a service for drug deliveries by bike, from the pharmacy to the end customer. This service enables local pharmacies to open up a new sales channel in order to remain relevant for end customers in the age of e-prescription.

Nemi is a software solution which enables the operation of demand-responsive transport services. Every service is based on a set of virtual stops and expeditions, but, unlike regular services, it is not tied to a fixed route. According to the service definition and users’ requests, our solution designs the most optimal route for every expedition. This route is then communicated to every user of the expedition and to the driver. By serving only the stops that were requested, our solution increases the efficiency of transport services with shorter travel times, lower costs and fewer emissions.

Neo.Delivery is a highly optimised multipoint delivery service, based on constant route optimization and parcel aggregation. This allows us to offer real-time deliveries at a fractionary cost to support cost-sensitive situations, such as NGO deliveries to support vulnerable groups.

Tandem creates new transport options for people living and working small towns and peri-urban areas. Tandem partners with licensed local taxi, minibus and coach companies to turn their vehicles into shared shuttles for key destinations. Services only operate when they’re needed e.g. at core commuting times, so Tandem can be commercially viable on routes where a traditional bus would not be.

Commuting is clearly one of our unhappiest moments of the day, and while we drive our cars alone, we are contributing to climate change. Through Hoop Carpool's app, you can find people to share their everyday rides as a driver in your own car or as a passenger. This way, you can save time, share ride costs and help the planet. In Hoop, we help companies, univerisities, and city halls to achieve their emission-saving goals and to improve their stakeholders' wellbeing, by offering our solution to them and providing them with monthly sustainability reports to measure the impact of this initiative. We are now a team of 12 people working full time and we are working with many of Spain's largest institutions, building a strong and game-changing community.

CityMaaS helps businesses such as transportation companies to be inclusive by providing real time and personalised mobility information using its proprietary machine learning and CODIE technology

Mobito enables businesses and cities to monetize their own data and improve their offering through exchanging mobility data and services in a cloud platform. Our objective is to render the complex process of exchanging and utilizing mobility information simple. We serve this objective with two complementary products: a Data Marketplace where businesses can access and sell mobility data and a City Terminal that allows cities to take control of their data and their mobility ecosystem.

Childfy offers a carpooling solution for families making trips to schools, academia/clubs easier and safer than ever.